We offer an advanced solution for users who are looking for more than a classic telephone exchange. ClickVOX is a communication platform based on the Asterisk softswitch platform complemented with the PostgreSQL database and Web server. The system is based on an advanced Call and Contact Management application. It consists of a set of software modules that together provide a very flexible platform for call/contact centers, CRM solutions and demanding business users who need intensive and reliable communication with clients who are engaged in ‚Äč‚Äčtelesales, technical support, surveys and market research. Own development and open source technologies that have been applied during the creation process of the ClickVOX system provide great opportunities for customization of the system according to specific customer requirements without lengthy implementation periods and high costs.


    Open Source Technology

    Advanced Solutions

    Linux + Asterisk + DB + Web Server


  • SIP VoIP Trunk
  • ISDN Bri/Pri Trunk
  • VoIP-GSM Gateway
  • POTS Analog Trunk


  • Call Management
  • Contact Management
  • Call History
  • Reporting

Call Lists

  • Call display
  • Caller identification
  • Click 2 Call
  • Search filters

    Interactive Voice Response

    Voice Mail, Voice Mail to Mail

    Call Recording

    Call Recording on Demand

IVR System

  • Voice messages
  • Voice menus
  • Voicemail
  • Music on hold


  • Private and common mailboxes
  • Various activation modes
  • Reproduction through web app
  • Forwarding to e-mail

Call Recordings

  • Recording based on preset rules
  • Recording on demand
  • Search filters
  • Reproduction through web app

    Advanced Contact Management

    Call Management

    Call Centre Display (Wallboard)

    Queue Analytics


  • User identification
  • All contacts at one spot
  • Import of client's existing data
  • Employees and clients directories

Agent Activity Display

  • Real time display
  • Status of each agent
  • Real time statistics
  • Alarm in cases of escalation

Queue Display

  • Queue display
  • Caller identification
  • Multiple queue display
  • Waiting time display

    Real-Time System Performance Monitoring

    Instant Messaging Server

    Case Management Apps

System Status

  • CPU usage display
  • Network adapter traffic
  • Amount of free memory
  • Used disk space

IM Chat Module

  • Integrated IM server
  • Chat communication within the company
  • Chat log and history
  • Link to the company web

ClickVOX Apps

  • Helpdesk / Technical Support
  • Telemarketing / Telesales
  • Call Center / Contact Center
  • Market investigation and surveys